Power Industry

Ring Section Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

High pressure multistage centrifugal pumps supplied by us are manufactured by Nasosenergomash, Sumy, Ukraine. Three configurations are available.

Descaling Pumps For Hot Mills

We are one of the largest suppliers of descaling pumps manufactured by Nasosenergomash , Sumy Ukraine. These high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps are available in single flow impeller arrangement and in opposite impeller design. These are used in steel rolling mills for removal of primary and secondary scale formed in the reheating furnace and during rolling process. Pumps are designed for flow of 80 cubic meter/ Hr to 550 cubic meter/ hr and pressure of 120 bar to 250 bar. Higher than 250 bar pressure can be provided in flow above 450 cubic meter/ Hr. Most designs do not use gear box in between pump and the motor , which is a standard in European designs. Pumps are driven by direct coupled 3000/ 3600 RPM (50 HZ/ 60 HZ) AC asynchronous motors, thereby eliminating gear box and additional coupling. The efficiencies of these pumps vary from 60 % to 87 %. Number of pumps can be run in parallel as per system requirement.

Descaling Volves For Hot Mills

Descaling operation and the proper descaling of the hot slab after reheating furnace and during rolling of plates at mill stand is key to the quality of the end products. To save heat in the slab and plates while rolling; this operation is carried by very high-pressure water jets. These high-pressure water jets need frequent on and off operations depending upon the process requirement. This is done by Evertz High Pressure cartridge Type Valve.

3/2 way control Valve With Soft Seat Technology

Evertz hydrotechnike has developed a new 3/2 way control valve based upon soft seat technology. The control valve is the weakest link in cartridge design of descaling valves as valve seats are  prone to leakages if descaling water is contaminated resulting into mal operation of the valves. This design has eliminated this problem altogether and customer will have trouble free and maintenance free operation for years.
All new descaling valves are now fitted with this design of control valve as a standard feature. The old design now can be replaced by fitting an additional buffer plate between the valve body of 2/2 way valve and new design of control valve

Roll Cooling Systems / selective cooling

Roll cooling and roll-gap lubrication systems from Evertz Hydrotechnik are used in the following plants:

    • Hot- and cold-rolling steel mills
    • Hot- and cold-rolling aluminum mills
    • Foil rolling mills

Rolling mills for non-ferrous metals

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Spray Valves

  • 1:1 valves DN5, DN8, DN12 and DN16
  • Diaphragm spray valves DN12 and DN16
  • 2:1 valves DN8, DN12 and DN16
  • Directly controlled valves (“pilot valves mounted on spray bar”)

Motor-operated valves (proportional valves)

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Spray bars

The spray bars made by Evertz Hydrotechnik are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Accordingly, our bar designs are tailored to the respective locations, available space and the spray media to be used. To suit the relevant application, standard profiles or solid bars are provided that are made of carbon or stainless steel, as necessitated by the spray medium.

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Control Cabinets

When actuated with compressed air and with the pilot valves arranged outside the roll stand, the valves are mounted in suitable control cabinets. The control signals to the cabinet are transmitted by the main computer, and in most cases the interface is a standardized bus system (profi-bus).

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